• Gary Seigel

The King--a 15th century coming of age tale

Though The King is a re-telling of Shakespeare’s Henry plays (IV and V), it’s also a coming of age tale about a lazy, lusty prince who would rather sleep in his bed than sit on the throne. Turns out he better get his act together fast.

When his father King Henry IV dies, Hal becomes King, and he seems determined to reign in a different manner than good old dad. No wars. Get along with everyone else. Make peace with France. Unite the warring factions in England.

Obviously, none of that is going to happen. Hal is faced with traitors, assassins, a war-hungry Archbishop, corrupt officials, not to mention threats to his Kingdom and his manhood. If he is going to survive as King, he must take action. Hence, Hal goes to war.

Timothée Chalamet, is terrific as this angst ridden confused teenage King, especially during the moment he gives a powerful speech to his men before the battle begins. And Robert Pattinson steals the movie in every scene he's in, as a hilariously sociopathic dauphin.

Wanna know more? Watch the movie on Netflix.

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