• Gary Seigel

What We Can Learn from the 1968 Election

All right. Last night was terrible. I woke up this morning and thought how can we even justify having a person like this--truly a monster-- in the White House? And then I remembered, we've had other monsters in office. In my research for the sequel to Haskell Himself, set almost exactly 50 years ago, I came across a lesson we might learn from history. Shortly before the 1970 mid-election, Nixon was campaigning for congressional seats and blaming all the country's disorder, chaos, the anti-war demonstrations not on his administration, but on Democrats. Vice President Agnew -- who incidentally would soon be accused of tax fraud, bribery, and embezzlement, --also went around the country, telling Americans that only Republicans can save the world and keep the millions of hooligans out of the suburbs. All this sounds eerily familiar. That year—exactly 50 years ago— voters overwhelmingly awarded the Democrats with congressional seats. "When disorder is all around them, voters tend to blame the person in charge and, sometimes, punish those who exploit the disorder for political gain, "says Rick Perlstein, in his New York times article of August 23, 2020. Biden talks about solving problems by bringing people together, a strategy that successfully helped the Democrats win in 1970 and will hopefully work again in the 2020 election. Let's wake out of our nightmare and make not a desperate change, a conclusive, broad, and all-encompassing change. Please vote. For more on insights into how 2020 reflects the past, stay tune for future blogs from

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